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Reference: QLD181
Bioregion: Brigalow Belt North
Criteria for inclusion in Directory: 2,3
Catchment: Ross


The base is located in Townsville, North Queensland, 5 km west of the centre of the city. The base lies at the eastern margin of the Louisa Creek catchment within the greater Bohle River basin on a flat expanse of coastal wetland. Adjoining the north-west boundary of the airport is the environmental park and pasturage reserve known locally as the Town Common. The western section of the airport and the Town Common together form the lower catchment of Louisa Creek, a unique wetland habitat. The area is recognised as a waterbird refuge and a flora/fauna habitat. In particular the area provides a drought refuge and a breeding and feeding area for waterbirds.


The whole wetland is known for its prolific birdlife and resident population of brolgas (Grus rubicundus) and magpie geese (Anseranus semipalmata). Approximately 180 species of birds, 20 species of mammals, 40 species of reptiles and 20 species of amphibians are known to occur in the area (Anon. 1984). The area is also a major resting and breeding area for spring and autumn migrations of birds travelling between Australia and Asia, and for species which have north-south movements across Australia. These species and their habitat are subject to international agreements such as the Japan-Australia Migratory Bird Agreement (JAMBA) and the China-Australia Migratory Bird Agreement (CAMBA)


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Map of Directory listed RAAF Townsville Aggregation in the Burdekin Dry Tropics region
Map of Directory listed RAAF Townsville Aggregation

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