Red-capped Plover

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Charadrius ruficapillus


Size 14-16cm.

Resident shorebird. Male has a white forehead with rufous crown and neck, a fine black bill with adjoining black line that continues through the eye. Brown back, black legs and underparts white. The female has less distinctive markings.

Feeding Habits

Can be seen foraging on beaches and mudflats for insects, molluscs, worms, small crustaceans and vegetation.


Breed at any time of the year, usually above the high tide mark whenever conditions are suitable. The nest is a shallow scrape in sand or bare ground, sometimes protected by rubbish or a small plant, lined with small pebbles, shells or dried plant material. Both parents share in raising the young.

Places to Look

Beaches and wetlands, often in pairs or small groups. Sometimes in large flocks. Cungulla and Bushland Beaches.


Nests and young are vulnerable to roaming dogs, cats and vehicles on the beach.


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