Red-necked Stint

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Calidris ruficollis


Size 15cm.

Migrating to Australia from North East Siberia, August-April. Grey/brown above, underparts white, with grey wash on sides of chest. Bill and legs black. In breeding plumage (just before migration March-April), deep salmon/rufous (reddish – brown) on head and throat merging into black indistinct band on chest. Often in large flocks along the foreshore. Size and feeding action are the best way to identify this small wader.

Feeding Habits

Active feeder, like “a run – stop – sewing machine” picking over, and into the mud and sand for marine worms, tiny crustaceans, snails and aquatic insects.


Some birds do stay all year, but most migrate to North East Siberia to breed in the Arctic tundra.

Places to Look

Sandspits, estuaries, saline or brackish mudflats, tidal flats, and sometimes shallow mud-edged swamps. Cungulla, Alva, Balgal and Bowen beaches.


Reclamation of mudflats for development takes away feeding grounds.


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