Red-tailed Black Cockatoo

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Calyptorhynchus banksii


Size 50-60cm.

Large glossy black cockatoo with a rounded crest and massive bill. The male has bright red panels under the tail; the female is smaller, duller, spotted and barred yellow, and her under-tail has panels of yellow/orange. They fly with slow wing beats in noisy flocks.

Feeding Habits

Seed eaters, often feeding high in the tree tops and coming down to the ground to crack open fallen nuts and seeds.


Nest in tree hollows, chewing the inside to make a layer of dry wood chips on which to lay a single egg. While the female incubates the egg, she is fed by the male. The nestling is fed by both parents in the morning and evening.

Places to Look

Woodlands, especially casuarina and plantings of beach almonds. The ground on the Strand, Townsville, is often covered with leaves and twigs broken off while they feed.


Lack of suitable trees for nesting holes.


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