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Red-winged Parrot, Aprosmictus erythropterus, is a medium sized bid ranging from 30 to 33 centimetres. The Red-winged Parrot has a large and distinctive bright lime green body, with a red bill. The Red-winged parrot has grey legs with a tail tipped with yellow. The male has a black back with red patches on the wings which are a darker green than the body. Whereas the female is a duller green all over with a smaller patch of red on the wing.

The Red-winged Parrot flies erratically with deep, irregular wing beats. It is usually sighted in pairs or small flocks.

Feeding Habits

Seldom far from water.

  • Fruits
  • Flowers
  • Nectar
  • Seeds
  • Insects in trees and low shrubs.

Occasionally feed on the ground.


March-July. Nest usually high in deep hollows of live eucalypts, three-to-six eggs. The female incubates the eggs, the male feeds her during this time. After hatching, both parents feed the young which often stay with them for several months.

Places to Look

  • Open woodland,
  • Tree-lined watercourses
  • Casuarinas
  • Native cypress scrubs

Traditional Owner Information

The Red-winged parrot is known as the Mungundula (pronounced Moon-Goon-Doolah), and it's feathers are used for cultural costumes/ceremonies. The bird is also known as a good food source.


NQ Dry Tropics gratefully acknowledges the contribution of Birdlife Townsville (formerly the Townsville Region Bird Observers Club) to the information on this page.

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