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Reference: QLD008
Bioregion: Brigalow Belt North
Criteria for inclusion in Directory: 1,2,3,4
Catchment: Ross


19 degrees 26' 50" S, 146 degrees 46' 05" E; the site extends c. 14 km in a northeast to southwest direction and is up to 12.5 km wide, with its centre c. 20 km south of Townsville. The site falls within the Ross-Black catchment.


The Ross River Reservoir is significant as a large permanent freshwater wetland in one of the driest sections of the Queensland coast. It is particularly important in that it serves as drought refuge formerly provided by natural deep water habitats which have mostly been lost to coastal development. It is now one of the most important habitats for the cotton pygmy goose (Nettapus coromandelianus).


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Map of Directory listed Ross River Reservoir in the Burdekin Dry Tropics region
Map of Directory listed Ross River Reservoir

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