Rotten Cheese Fruit Tree

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Morinda citrifolia

Family : Rubiaceae

The Rotten Cheese Fruit tree is a hardy plant that grows between 3 – 10 metres. The glossy leaves are up to 30cm long with a pointed tip. The flowers are small, white, and star like, emerging from a globular ball. Flowers combine to become the fruit which is a fusion of fleshy masses. The name of this plant is due to its fruit, which smells like rotten cheese when it ripens and becomes soft. The fruit is reputed to have important medical properties and is grown commercially under the name “Noni”. The fruit is attractive to an enormous array of fauna from birds to insects, including bees. This is a good coloniser for dunes and gardens as it grows in a range of conditions relatively quickly. It provides cool shade and leaf litter for poor soil.


Text contributed from Coastal Dry Tropics Landcare Group Incorporated (CTDLI)