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Enchylaena tomentosa

Family : Chenopodiaceae

The Ruby Salt Bush is one of Australia’s most common shrubs. It is a tangled, ground-hugging shrub generally 20 – 50 cm tall that can spread to over a metre wide. The cylindrical succulent leaves are up to 2cm long, coloured greenish-grey but can change to red in drier periods.

Flowers are singular and inconspicuous appearing sporadically throughout the year, followed by small fleshy fruits that look like bright red buttons. They first appear as green and orange before ripening to red. The fruits contain one large seed with little flesh. Honeyeaters are particularly attracted to the fruit.

The Ruby Salt Bush is a hardy plant, easily grown in gardens. It is a very attractive ground cover, adding colour and contrast to the yard.


Quick Facts

Flowers September to May
Fruit All year
Coastal Zone Saltmarsh
Fauna Habitat Birds, Crustaceans and Others
Growth Habit Shrub
Typical Height 0.5m
Soils Well Drained Soils
Amount of Sun Full Sun
Amount of Water Moderately Wet Areas to Wet Areas
Salt Tolerance Extremely Tolerant


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