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Rufous Whistler, Pachycephala rufiventris, is a medium sized bird ranging from 16cm to 17cm. The Refous Whistler features a short dark stubby bill and long narrow tail that has a slightly forked tip. The males are rich grey above with a white throat, circled by black feathers and rufous coloured breast and belly. Females are dull grey/brown above and buffy with vertical streaked underparts. Immatures are similar to females. Call is a variety of rich rapid ringing notes ending with a loud ‘eee-chong’.

Feeding Habits

Feeds mostly on insects and occasionally seeds, leaves and fruit. Rarely seen on the ground. Mostly found singly and sometimes in pairs.


September-February. The female builds a cup-shaped nest from twigs, grass and other materials and binds it to a tree fork with cobwebs. Both male and female incubate the eggs and feed the young.

Places to Look

  • Forests
  • Gardens
  • Farmland
  • Open woodland
  • Watercourses
  • Remnant bush


NQ Dry Tropics gratefully acknowledges the contribution of Birdlife Townsville (formerly the Townsville Region Bird Observers Club) to the information on this page.

Rufous Whistler © Birdlife Townsville 2008

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