Sellheim River Wetlands

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This sub-division is poorly known ecologically, though the creeks are considered to be generally dry with limited habitat availability. Condition is not well known though thought to be typical of sub-divisions in this area. Part of this sub-division is inundated by Lake Dalrymple (Burdekin Falls Dam).

Sellheim River Wetlands Condition Summary

Sources of data and definitions

ID No. Name Type Permanency of inundation Flushing frequency / flow No of water bodies Prop of water bodies Description
1 Sellheim River & tribs Riv Unknown Ephemeral Zero-few VL Dry sandy river
2 Lake Dalrymple Lac Permanent Ephemeral One VH Large turbid impoundment, DOIW
No. Water Quality Aquatic habitat Values Degree of confidence
Departure from natural Functionality Departure from natural Functionality
1 2 2 2 2 4 4
2 5 3 5 3 2 1


Related information

Location of Sellheim River Wetlands
Location of Sellheim River Wetlands

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