Seven-spot archerfish

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Toxotes chatereus

Grows to 40 cm but commonly under 25 cm. This distinctive fish is whitish overall with 6 or 7 irregular black blotches or bars on its sides. Found near the surface where it can spit a jet of water to dislodge insects from riparian vegetation. This fish is an interesting aquarium specimen. Broadcast spawners with pelagic eggs and larvae. Popular with recreational fishers. Also occurs in estuarine habitats. Distributed throughout the Burdekin basin, Black River basin, Ross River basin and Haughton River basin. Known to occur in Saltwater Creek of the Don River basin and expected to occur also in Yellow Gin Creek.


Much of the information about fish species and their distribution in the Burdekin Dry Tropics region presented throughout this Wiki is based on the work of Pusey (2005). The Australian Centre for Tropical Freshwater Research (ACTFR) also provided access to their Norther Australian Fish (NAF) database (in press), which contains the most current available fish survey data for tropical Australia. Allan Webb also from ACTFR provided information of the expanding list of exotic fish species recorded from the immediate Townsville region principally the Ross River. Additional information about species distribution is the authors experience (principally Jim Tait) and knowledge of the region. Descriptions of species are based on Allen et. al. (2002) and Pusey et. al (2004) with additional detail and comments by the authors of the Fish Passage Study.

Fish illustrations and mapping by Jason Carter. Illustrations have been drawn from specimens and photographs and after other illustrations, in particular Swainston and Ruse (in Allen 1997) and Pusey (in Pusey et. al. 2004)


  • Australian Centre for Tropical Freshwater Research (in press) Northern Australia Fish (NAF) database.
  • Pusey, B. Kennard, M Arthington, A (2004) Freshwater Fishes of North-eastern Australia,CSIRO Publishing. (Available from

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Seven-spot archerfish Burdekin Region distribution

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