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The coastal zone can be described as the entire area of the coastal catchment, from the top of the ranges to the intertidal zone. The NQ Dry Tropics Region consists of eight coastal catchments across three river basins.

The region has approximately 560km of coastline and includes 31 islands. It is home to a diverse range of birds, plants and other animals. It is commercially important across a number of different sectors, including : beef cattle grazing, horticulture, fisheries and tourism. Given these unique values, it is imperative that we manage our natural resources sustainably.

This wiki site contains information on many aspects of our region. This page is specifically designed for people wanting more information on our coastal values, our local community groups or resources for groups or individuals wanting to undertake rehabilitation work in our region.

For information on what NQ Dry Tropics is currently doing in our coastal zone, please visit our website

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Recently Funded Community Projects

This map shows the location of Community Groups of the Burdekin Dry Tropics Region. Click on the markers to view activities by Local Coastal Community Groups in the region.

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="-19.390182" lon="147.20089" width="700" type="map" scale="yes" overview="yes" zoom="8"> -19.751999, 147.596870, Fencing/ dune protection- Wunjunga Progress Association -19.26708, 146.70454 Revegetation/ Aquatic Weed removal- Conservation Volunteers Australia -19.144996, 146.581365 Sea Turtle Monitoring- Sea Turtle Foundation -19.176993, 146.830518 Sea Turtle Monitoring- Sea Turtle Foundation -19.263345, 147.058049 Sea Turtle Monitoring- Sea Turtle Foundation -20.046185, 148.230902 Sea Turtle Monitoring- Sea Turtle Foundation -20.103450, 148.288175 Sea Turtle Monitoring- Sea Turtle Foundation -19.075802, 146.468541 Revegetation/ Weed Removal-Toomulla Beach Coastcare -19.98077,148.231602 Turtle Management Training- Queen's Beach Action Group -19.175085,146.55477 Singapore Daisy Eradication Trials- Bluewater Catchment Landcare Inc -19.153259, 146.603746 Revegetation/ Community Education- Saunders Beach Community Centre -18.91644, 146.31176 Dune and Beach Scrub Protection/ Access Control- Crystal Creek Hut Owners Association </googlemap>