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Regional Summary

Note: Data is continuously changing and these statistics will change. Data is current to March 2015.

Tenure Types and Area

Tenure codeTenure TypeNumber of parcels in RegionTotal Area (ha)% of regional area
FDBelow the Depth Plans121.02<0.01%
CACommonwealth Acquisition448,169.950.31%
FRForest Reserve1611,544.510.07%
HLHousing Land393.72<0.01%
IDIndustrial Estates42.31<0.01%
LLLands Lease664012,177,037.0578.27%
MTMines Tenure111.18<0.01%
NPNational Park321515,269.093.31%
PHPort and Harbours Boards111.18<0.01%
SFState Forest51131,698.940.85%
SLState Land229316,330.081.05%
WRWater Resource13661.38<0.01%


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