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Torresian Crow, Corvus orru, Size 48-53cm. Large black bird, with green or purplish glossy plumage, white eye, black legs and bill, long square-tipped tail. Immature has dark eye and is duller black. Holds a permanent territory for roosting, feeding and nesting, defending against other crows and ravens. Has a ‘dipping’ flight and shuffles the wings in greeting or when alighting. High on a perch, they advertise their territory with loud, harsh, nasal ‘ark ark’ calls.

Feeding Habits

Scavengers: feeding mainly on the ground, on carcasses, insects, or grains such as maize and sorghum.


August-September. They build a large stick nest, grass lined, in the leafy canopy of a tall tree. Two-to-three eggs are laid, and incubated by the female who is fed by the male. Young may remain with the parents for several months before being driven out to find new territory.

Places to Look

Open forests, woodlands, farms, rubbish dumps, along tree-lined rivers and road kills.

Traditional Owners

The Torresian Crow is known as Agan and is known to be the guardian of sacred sites. The Torresian Crow symbolises the Gate-Keeper of sacred areas and sites. Can signal signs of approval and disapproval of entrance to significant areas.


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