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Warrungnu Country

The approximate area of interest for the Warrungnu Traditional Owners is from Blencoe Falls Gorge to Herbert River, inland runs down to the head of the Burdekin River and down to the Valley Lagoons. The Warrungnu Traditional Owner group is part of the Girringun Aboriginal Corporation which has been operating since 1996. It is the primary Traditional Owner land and sea management organisation supporting the Warrungnu Traditional Owner people.


Aboriginal massacre sites are areas or places where groups of Aboriginal people were violently killed in the early settlement period. In regard to Aboriginal massacre sites, there needs to be a collection and collation of information about the massacres that occurred. This information should be collected both from archival sources, and from oral histories of past and present Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities.

Elder Story

"Across the gorge the mounted Police would herd them (Warrungnu people) like cattle to the edge of the gorge. The mounted people then began shooting them, one by one, and they would fall to the bottom of the gorge, but one old girl landed in the tree tops and she lived to tell the story. This was told to me when i was a young man." - Elder Bill Morganson, Warrungnu Traditional Owner Group

Contact Details

c/- Girringun Aboriginal Corporation
PO Box 303,
Cardwell QLD 4849
Phone: (07) 4066 8300
Contact: Bill Morganson

Warrungnu  Traditional Owners approximate area of interest
Warrungnu Traditional Owners approximate area of interest

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