White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike

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Coracina papuensis


Size 26-28cm.

Blue/grey bird with white underparts and darker grey flight and tail feathers, white tip to tail. Black bill with short black mask joining the dark eye, and fine white rear eye-ring. Legs black. Juvenile birds have faint barring on the breast and the back is mottled. Undulating flight, with long glides alternating with bursts of wing beats, then distinctive shuffling and folding of wings on landing. Found singly or in pairs.

Feeding Habits

Mainly insects from branches or caught on the wing, as well as native fruits.


Nest is a well concealed shallow saucer of fine twigs and bark, bound with spider-web, high in the horizontal fork of a tree. Both parents share in building the nest, incubating the eggs and feeding the young.

Places to Look

Eucalypt woodlands, open forests, grasslands, mangroves, parks and gardens.


Clearing of woodland areas for development.


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