White-breasted Woodswallow

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Artamus leucorynchus


Size 17-18cm.

Stocky bird. Head, throat, wings, back and tail are slate grey cut off sharply by pure white breast, belly and rump. Bill is blue, tipped with black. The juveniles are mottled brown and cream. They are usually seen in small groups and cluster tightly on branches when the weather is cool.

Feeding Habits

An aerial feeder, constantly chattering, soars over water in pursuit of insects. Some take nectar.


Nest is a cup of grass in an upright tree hollow, often in palms at the base of the fronds. Both sexes share nest building, incubation and care for the young. The juveniles then continue to stay with the parents for several weeks.

Places to Look

Rarely far from water. Open woodland, wetlands, and rivers. Large groups snuggle together on power poles/lines.


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© Birdlife Townsville

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