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White-throated Gerygone, Gerygone albogularis, is a small bird, sizing 10 to 11cm. It has a grey/brown head, back and tail, with a slight olive tone on their back. Small white spots cover each side of forehead behind the bill. Red eye. Clearly defined white throat with yellow underparts. Large white spots at tip of tail, not easily seen when tail folded. Immature underparts are pale yellow lacking white throat patch. White forehead spots very faint or not visible. Call is a beautiful, high, clear whistling note that descend in an undulating cascade, often described as a ‘falling leaf’.

Feeding Habits

Usually high in tree tops, foraging actively in outer foliage taking insects.


September-January. Domed nest with a verandah over the side entrance and long tapering tail. Made with bark strips and other fibres held together with cobweb. Hanging in the outer foliage of trees or saplings, attached to a slender twig. The female does most of the incubating.

Places to Look

  • Woodlands
  • Open forests
  • Scrub
  • Trees


Destruction of habitat.


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