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White-winged Triller, Lalage sueurii, is a small-medium sized 16cm to 19cm. Male in breeding plumage, crown to upper back black, no eyebrow. Wings black, with bold white edges. Grey rump, tail black with white tips. After breeding the males moult into their eclipse plumage looking very similar to the female, though the tail remains dark and the wings also retain a lot of the black. Female, mid-brown above, wings and tail darker, underparts buff/cream with slight mottled appearance. Immature, like the female but more mottled.

Feeding Habits

Feeds on or near the ground, taking a range of insects, seeds, and nectar.


September-January. Nest is a small shallow cup, made with grass, bark and rootlets bound together with cobweb, placed on a horizontal branch/fork. Both sexes share in the nest building and incubation.

Places to Look

  • Open woodland
  • Along watercourses.


Clearing of trees in nesting areas.


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