White Ball Acacia

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Acaciella glauca (formerly Acacia angustissima)


This is a perennial thornless shrub or small tree that grows between 2 and 7 metres tall. It has a single short trunk.

Leaves are fern-like with narrow leaflets.

Flowers are clustered and white.

Seed pods are oblong shaped and are green or brown. They are flat, thin walled and papery.

Habitat it likes seasonally dry tropical areas with an annual rainfall between 400 to 3,000 millimetres.

Weed characteristics it can become a widespread invasive pest in dry tropical woodlands and riparian areas. It can form dense thickets that exclude more desirable pasture plants and native vegetation.

Dispersal this species produces a large number of seeds which are dispersed by water and birds. They are long-lived. It may also produce new shoots through root suckering.

Declaration Details

This species is a Class 1 declared plant under Queensland legislation.

How to act

New infestations must be reported to Biosecurity Queensland on 13 25 23. The plant must be identified and removed by approved officers and have their locations recorded prior to removal. Basal barking and cut stumping are recommended to control initial infestations and isolated plants. A follow-up foliar spray for secondary infestations can also be effective.

Refer to Weed Control Methods.


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White Ball Acacia © NQ Dry Tropics 2011
White Ball Acacia © NQ Dry Tropics 2011

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