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Flueggia virosa

Family : Euphorbiaceae

This attractive shrub is rambling and spreading. It can grow to 4 metres, but is typically only 2 metres. The leaves are oval or round with a pointed tip. These are light green and variable in size.

The creamy green flowers are small, only 5mm in diameter, and borne in clusters along the stem. The white currant has separate male and female plants. The male plant often shows more flowers than the female plants.

Fruits are fleshy, white, soft berries containing 3 – 4 small seeds that grow to about a centimetre. They are also found in clusters on the stems. Many fruit eating birds enjoy this berry.

These plants can be found on stabilised dunes, beach scrub and woodlands. They are hardy and adaptive to various conditions. The White Currant is good for screening, possible to use for hedges and can be pruned to suit.


Quick Facts

Flowers October to February
Fruit October to April
Coastal Zone Hind Dune
Fauna Habitat Birds and Insects
Growth Habit Shrub
Typical Height <4m
Soils Most Soils
Amount of Sun Full or Partial Sun
Amount of Water Dry Areas to Moderately Wet Areas
Salt Tolerance Moderately Tolerant


NQ Dry Tropics gratefully acknowledges the contribution of the Coastal Dry Tropics Landcare Group Incorporated (CTDLI) to the development of this page's information.

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