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The Yakka Skink is a pale fawn reptile growing to 40 cm. It has a broad dark brown to black stripe from nape to tail bordered on either side by a narrow, pale fawn back/side stripe. Dark brown to pale brown to reddish-brown scales on the flanks form a faintly variegated orange-brown pattern. The throat is cream-yellow in colour, with blackish flecks/spots, and the chest and abdomen are yellow-orange (Cogger 2000). This skink is often described as robust and around the same size as a Blue Tongue Lizard (Tiliqua scincoides) making it one of the largest skinks in sub-humid to semi-arid eastern Queensland (TSN 2008a).


The Yakka Skink is known to occur in open dry sclerophyll forest, woodland and scrub (Brigalow Belt Reptiles Workshop 2010; Cogger 2000; Wilson & Knowles 1988). The core habitat of this species is within the Mulga Lands and Brigalow Belt South Bioregions (TSN 2008b).


Potential habitat of the Yakka Skink

Potential habitat of the Yakka Skink (Qld Government)

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