Yellow-throated Miner

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Yellow-throated Miner, Manorina flavigula, is a medium sized bird average 25-28cm. It is known as a very sociable, noisy bird. It's forehead, chin and side of neck are tinted yellow. Black mask extends from in front to beneath the eye. Eye dark with yellow patch behind. Back, head and tail grey/brown. Tail is tipped white, yellow tinges on wing feathers. Rump is white. Underparts, pale grey with darker scalloping on breast. Bill and legs, yellow. Immature has paler markings and throat has more yellow.

Feeding Habits

Takes insects from foliage, bark or on the ground and will also take nectar.


July-December and after rain in arid areas. Nests communally. Builds an untidy cup-shaped nest of twigs and grass, lined with wool, hair and feathers in a fork or outer leaves, often in a clump of mistletoe. Lays three-to-four eggs and may have two broods in one season.

Places to Look

  • Dry open woodland
  • Grasslands
  • Flowering shrubs
  • Gardens

The Yellow-throated Miner is known to usually eat in small flocks, and can be locally nomadic.


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