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Yirendali Country

The approximate area of interest for the Yirendali Traditional Owners is from Cape River down south to Muttuburra, west to Richmond and the northern ranges in and around Hughenden.


Traditional Aboriginal landscapes are natural features on country such as wetlands or billabongs. Many Aboriginal landscapes are important for food sources, and hold significant meaning or story places for Traditional Owners.

Elder Story

"The Ngawun/Mbara cultural landscape is significant to the Yirendali people. The Ngawun/Mbara cultural landscape holds cultural and social values to our people. The landscape has important meaning for our people, it is the intergenerational connection for our people. the landscape empowers us and it's a place where we can tie our emotional bond and respect. The Ngawun/Mbara cultural landscape gives us inner peace and a sense of belonging to country."

Contact Details

Yirendali Aboriginal Corporation
57 Crestridge Crescent
Morayfield QLD 4506
Phone: (07) 5428 3040
Mobile: 0416 166 749
Email: Jim.Hill2@bigpond.com

Extent of Yirandali People
Extent of Yirandali People

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